What Is The Importance Of Liberty For Our Child Development

We as teachers and parents always think and ask, what is the importance of liberty for our child development. The concept of liberty which must inspire educational pedagogy is, instead, universal. Observation of the child scientifically is really important before we start teaching him. This observation can only be real if the child is left to act freely in his spontaneous manifestations. The experimental sciences is where we are looking at now. It is really important to provide the child with an environment that is safe and has a lot of opportunities to work and choose from. Where moving is not restricted. The child is not just given a path to follow. He is given a choice to make his own path. In the world of stationary desks and chairs, children are not even able to move and stand. This kind of sitting and rules to make them sit are not good for the over all development of the child. Think about the muscular movement, psychology, physiology, and instincts of the child. What can we teach to the child in this situation and environment.

Importance Of Liberty

The question is did we try to know the child before we created such an environment. Have we even reflected about the importance of the liberty, movement, physical growth, and psychology? We seek liberation, growth, and positive psychology for our children through scientific education and through Real Montessori method. It is only possible by using mindfulness and reflective teaching processes.

Even some people use the word of Montessori and don’t even know what this method is about and how to apply it successfully.

Social Liberty

The tendency towards social liberty is most evident, and manifests itself on every hand. The leaders of the people make it their slogan, scientific and socialistic publications voice the same movement, our journals are full of it. The underfed workman does not ask for a tonic, but for better economic conditions which shall prevent malnutrition. This is just the one example of social liberty. We can find more examples everyday in our society.

What Do We Need To Do

The question arises what do we need to do to give the right education at the right time. Do we need to push the dried facts into the heads of the future scholars and scientists? Immobility, prizes,  punishments and strict rules, these are the teachers’ tools in todays’ common schools. The prize and punishments are incentives towards unnatural or forced effort, and therefore we can not expect the natural development of the child. We should ask in what stage of civilization we are and if we need the prizes and punishments necessary for our children’ s advancement.

How Can We Bring Liberty into Our Child’s Life

This is your choice. If you like your children to get liberty to develop well, then find some ways. Are there any good school out there? Make sure your child is growing in a nurturing learning environment. Home schooling is one of the best options today especially in Texas. Learn how to do Home Schooling. Read some authentic books. Talk to any Montessori Consultant. I can also help. I will create  the personalized educational plan for your children. Just Contact me.

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