Science of Human Body and Food – Are You Really What You Eat?

What is the relation and Science of Human Body and Food? Are You Really What You Eat? We all hear the saying, You are what you eat. Is it true scientifically? Our body cells are composed of molecules of food we eat. Molecules join to create cells. Cells join to form tissues and organs.

Thinking about Science of Human Body and Food- Are You Really What You Eat, initiates many other questions. Why do we feel the urge to eat? How the amount and type of food we eat play a role in our body? How does food travel and absorb in our body? We also need to learn about science of our food. What is food? How health and food are connected?



Food and Health are Connected

The food we eat goes into our body and changes into uniform dense liquid. It gathers again after it breaks down in our brain cells, bones, organs and muscles. Food is also main source of the energy our body needs. We are healthy if we have energy and our body organs, bones, muscles and tissues are working well. Our food is good for our health if it has all the important nutrients.


Vitamins and minerals are essential to keep us healthy did you know that they help us grow help us to see keep our organs bones muscles and skin healthy as well as help us to fight diseases vitamins and minerals can be found in all types of fresh fruits and vegetables

Calcium is an incredibly important mineral. It is stored in our teeth and bones and keeps them strong and prevents cracks and breaks you can find calcium in dairy products such as milk yogurt and cheese as well as leafy green vegetables nuts and seeds fiber is a substance that helps us with the organs inside our stomach this means it helps us to remove the waste from our bodies and stay healthy. It can be found in foods such as brown rice whole grain breads, cereals, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Water is essential for helping your body digest and use the nutrients found in food.

The foods we eat every day require us to drink lots of water  to help with digestion process. It is very important to ensure that your daily diet includes a variety of all these foods.

Having a balanced diet and making sure that our bodies receive all the nutrients is really important.

We need to have energy to stay healthy and continue growing however sometimes we eat foods that are tasty but aren’t healthy. So we need to know: What kind of food we can eat and what is food.


What is Food?

Many people think that food and nutrition mean the same thing. But in actual they don’t. Food means plants and animals we eat. It provides the nutrients our body needs to maintain health and our growth.


Difference of Food and Nutrition

As we know food is what we consume and it can be plants and animals. Nutrition is the science that explains food nutrients and how any food helps our body to grow and stay healthy.



Foods are available in the market in fresh and packing form. In order to buy nutritious food we can read the package labels. The information that labels provide us can be very useful if we are aware of the food nutrients. Food packaging companies had to add a lot of chemicals in order to keep food from getting bad. We can avoid packaged food or buy less amount of it. But if it is necessary to buy then at least buy food that has less ingredients.

According to FDA,

the label reading skills are intended to make it easier for us to make quick and informed decisions to help us choose a healthy diet.

A Nutritious Diet Contributes to Good Health

We are what we eat. A good nutritious food helps us to stay healthy and well. The food we eat provides us the nutrients our body needs and energy required by our body to complete all tasks. Nutritious diet makes us able to live a quality life and stay healthy.

I will tell you that the idea of having formative years groomed in a healthy mindset yes which is I think what we are talking about is so important so that if you’ve got kids and if we are involved with teaching if you’re involved in a business where you can actually impact on kids think about the impact that you have now could actually influence their health 30 to 60 years from now and that to

all of us is big responsibility. lt’s a giant opportunity to make a better society that’s beautiful and healthy.


Is There a Link Between Food and Diseases?

According to,  a scientific research, a nutritious diet plays the key role in the absence or presence of health. The food we eat can be the cause of a disease. Deficiency of important nutrients in our diet can cause different diseases. Less nutritious food can impact negatively in the development of our bones and muscles. There is a direct link between health and food we eat.








The risk of chronic diseases can be lowered by keeping check of all nutrients in our daily food. Obesity is the cause of many other health issues. By eating right food and doing required daily physical exercises keep the body weight in normal range.


In the end we can conclude that science of human body and food are related and we are what we eat. So, what do we need to eat? How do we know which ingredients are necessary for a health body and mind? how much we should eat? Can we stay away from diseases if we eat a balanced diet? Why fresh vegetables and fruits are important to include in our diet?


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Enjoy your food and be healthy!


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