Rio Grande Valley Muslim Community Warmth in Winter Power Outages

Recent Power Outages in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley offered life lessons to learn to so many of us. In “Rio Grande Valley Muslim Community Warmth In Winter Power Outages” I will try to shed some light on the effects of power outages due to winter storm in Texas and Rio Grande Valley and how the Muslim Community helped the community and the people in need with warmth of love and kindness.

Cold weather and freezing rain.


Power Outages In Texas

Recent winter and snow storm is leaving Texans in below freezing temperature and a lot of other issues. There are 500,000 individuals without power since this Monday early morning. Today is Thursday and The Electric Reliability Council Of Texas reported that it had made significant progress restoring customers’ power, although some outages still remain.

No Power No Water

As power is returning after 3 days, people are still without drinking water. Hundreds and thousands of home and businesses are dealing with bursts pipes and suggested boiling water. More than one million people have been affected by local water systems and water treatment facilities.

Shortage Of Gas

Power outage impacted the gas supplies. People are waiting in long lines around the gas stations.


Influenced by Storm And struggling For Food

Power outages has created food safety problems leaving many foods unsafe to eat. Texans are running out of food during power outage and weather crises.

Muslim Community In Rio Grande Valley

The Muslim community in RGV is showing enormous love, warmth and kindness in this power outage and weather crises.

According to KRGV,

Families have opened doors to their community members. They are offering free foods. Hot food and clean drinking water is being offered.

People are helping each other over all. Some families are sharing personalized help. They are providing heaters, hot food, groceries, drinking water and winter clothes.

To keep their friends and people of the community warm, families invited them to stay with them under their own roof, brought hot soup to the shelters, shared hot food and drinking water. Children shared their toys with their friends in need.

Our needs change with time. Only compassionate hearts can feel other individuals pain. Community is sponsoring food drives. They are sharing information required at this time. Knowledge is power and awareness initiates strength in us. There are a lot of efforts being made to learn to solve the problems and share those valuable info with the community.

I am so grateful to our community for showing unforgettable love and care for their community members!

Life is a lesson to learn and I learned so many lessons from this experience. I lived this experience moment by moment. I learned that:

  • Money can not buy all things
  • Love and care teaches love and care.
  • Real communities can only survive if they know how to stand with their other community members.
  • There is a real happiness in the passion and sacrifice that we offer to people around us.
  • We are one, our needs are same and we can only serve and understand our brothers and sisters if we feel their pain in the same way we feel our pain
  • Hard times also pass
  • If I am facing hard time I should ask for help
  • If someone is in need I should understand their need before they wrap it into words.
  • There is always first drop before rain starts. I can be that first person who takes initiative.
  • We should stand by our community and people around us.

May Allah blesses all of us and especially those who opened their hearts for others human beings!

Let’s stand together in all weathers!


The Conclusion Is That Winter Can Not Freeze the Warmth of The True Love For one another.

I pray to Allah Subhana Taala that he always keeps the love in our hearts as a part of our Emaan/belief! We must help each other for ever, Inshaallah!

May Allah grants us all, the perfect belief/Emaan with integrity, persistence and love for human beings and all living things.


Tonight’s weather,

If you have been through any hard times or the similar ones, what did you do and what did you learn from it?

Please comment in the comment section below.

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