Montessori The Science of Wellness

What is Montessori and why it’s Important? We call it an art and we see it as a science. Why is ‘Montessori the Science of Wellness’ ? Montessori is a way of education and learning through experiences. According to Maria Montessori, a wider, loftier life is (human kinds’) than ever before and children have to be prepared for it, so the fundamental principle in education is correlation of all subjects and their centralization, in the cosmic plan. According to Cambridge dictionary, Science means, knowledge from the careful study of the structure and behavior of the physical world, especially by watching, measuring, and doing experiments and the development of theories to describe the results of these activities.


Is Montessori the Science of Wellness and Happiness

In 1906, Maria Montessori first time founded the first Casa Dei Bambini or Children’s House for children of the industrial revolution working class.

The purpose of creating this environment was to take care of those children in the best way and instructing them how to help out in everyday chores. The material she developed and used to guide these children was and is very successful. She found out that children naturally adapted and enjoyed this learning method everyday. The structure of work and constructive activity gave the children sense of self-worth that they have never experienced before.

Maria Montessori identified critical periods of early childhood development through her observation of the children at work. Montessori developed the methodology, described as ‘Cosmic Education’ when children will be given the environment and guidance to become the peace makers of the future and living in harmony with other living beings in a peaceful world.

Montessori style teaching and learning brings wellness and happiness in the child and through that child in the whole humanity. When every child gets ‘Cosmic Education’ the whole humanity gets to the science of wellness and happiness.


Montessori Training

To become a Montessori teacher one needs to complete intensive 1200 hours of instruction. Almost 90 hours of observation and supervised teaching practice is also part of the training. When I completed my training, I it was on site, but now it can also be done online. NAMC is one of the many Montessori Teacher Training online schools. There are almost 34 countries worldwide which are providing Montessori training in about 100 training centers.


The courses offered by AMI prepare adults to work and guide children at these levels:

  1. Assistance to infancy
  2. Primary /Casa dei Bambini/ Children’s House 0-6
  3. Elementary 6-12
  4. Adolescent 12 -18

Montessori is the Science of Success

The Montessori Method of Teaching aims for the fullest development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences. This method is designed scientifically. The material used in Montessori classrooms called learning environment are amazingly beautiful and have accuracy and proportion. All activities in every learning area have a logic behind them. What do you think success is? Is it happiness or satisfaction? is it realization or conscious choice making? is it health or wealth? Is it fulfillment of the objectives we have? It depends on your answer what success is. I think success is little bit of everything and even more. The Montessori Method aims at the whole development of a child. Montessori activities help develop mental, physical, cognitive, and spiritual skills in a child. Sensorial and math exercises develop mathematical mind. We can say that Montessori is the science of success because it prepares a child through scientific material and develops mental skills needed to achieve success.

In a Primary Montessori classroom, children develop the ability to focus for extended periods of time and this skill serve them for the rest of their life. Children learn self-discipline, persistence, cooperation, leadership and communication skills. We hear about executive functions in children a lot these days. Executive functions are some qualities and skills that make people successful: Self control, flexibility, discipline, concentration, problem solving, reasoning, persistence and creativity. The Montessori environment has the ability to nurture these qualities.


The Montessori environment is especially prepared to develop the necessary skills not only to succeed in school but to be successful through all their life



Montessori Activities at Home

We all know that Covid-19 is keeping kids at home. The way schools, child care centers, and Montessori schools are responding to the situation is required by the local health departments. All the efforts are being made in slowing the spread of disease. All school based strategies, event cancellations, and other social distancing measures are being made locally with the collaboration of local health officials.

According to CDC if child care centers and Montessori schools are open they should:


  • Use general preparedness and planning
  • Parent drop off and pick up rules
  • Screen children upon arrival
  • Healthy hand hygiene behavior
  • Food preparation and meal service regulations
  • Clean and disinfect the environment
  • Apply rules for caring infants and toddlers
  • Follow social distancing strategy



Almost, all the schools including Montessori schools are closed these days. Do you think it is required to start Montessori activities at home? Yes, we do need to bring Montessori to home. It has already become clear that in order to bring similarities among school and home environments, it is really recommended to start practicing some Montessori activities at home. So, in the recent situation we need to apply Montessori method more than before to teach our children at home. But the question is how? Do we need to organize a Montessori Environment at home? A complete Montessori class? And start teaching our own kids? But if we are not trained then we can hire a Montessori trained directress.


There are some options to start Montessori activities at home completely. You know how… For example, taking some help from a Montessori trained teacher and creating a small Montessori classroom. Hiring a teacher just for our children or bringing two to three more children of our close friends. This way we can follow CDC rules and provide the best Montessori environment to our children. Gradually our children will learn how to follow new rules to stay healthy.


I know the idea might not be as simple as it sounds. But it will become easier if we are Montessori trained or we hire an efficient Montessori trained teacher. Nothing is impossible. Right?


                         Montessori Handwriting

Montessori Handwriting Guide Paperback – February 9, 2021


Montessori is the science of wellness and success. Our children are our future. We need to provide them with the best opportunities to grow into the best human beings and no method can do it better than Montessori method. I am providing some Montessori resources here and I promise to bring more in the future.


  • NAMC
  • AMI
  • Montessori Printshop
  • Some free classified cards at AMI
  • MISD

Please comment and ask questions if you have any.


Take care and stay safe.


Thank you.




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