Is Medical School Good For Me

Hi, High School Seniors, I can understand what you are going through. Classes, classwork, homework, tests, projects and grades. Yes, it’s true that being as a high school senior is not an easy place to be. On top of all these responsibilities, the other main question is, Which school should I go to? Career choice is one of the most important decisions of our life. Some of you have started asking, ‘Is Medical School Good For Me’? So, for all those who are thinking to navigate the medical field but are still not clear. I decided to write about, Is medical school good for me.

Which major Do I need for Medical School

My daughter is in senior year of her high school. She asks, which major do I need to take if I want to go to medical school, several times every week. We read, do research, and ask questions to different related people about it. Doctors, nurses, medical students, friends, friends’ moms, and social media are the main source of this information.

So, the answers mostly we get are that you can take any major. Yes, any major. Don’t get stuck. Any major is good at the time of admission to undergraduate studies.

Some people say that it is a good place to start to choose Biology a major if you are going to a medical school. Some other people think that human physiology is a perfect start. Other choices are Biochemistry, psychology, nursing, English, Biomedical engineering, and economics.

But the final thought is a flexible choice and any major. You can change it to the one that is more relevant down the road. At that time you will understand most of the courses and your inner voice in a better way.

What GPA is required to get into Medical School

This is the one of the important factors. Good GPA is always the best plus to have. From 3.8 to 4 is good. Besides good GPA, top colleges also look at academic record, special academic projects, and types of different courses. But many good medical schools require good GPA.

Some schools accept GPA at 3.00. But it doesn’t mean that you strive for 3. You always strive for higher GPA than it is required by most of the schools.

What is the best medical school in the USA

According to US News

The list goes like this:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Johns Hopkins Univrrsity
  3. University of Pennsylvania
  4. New York University
  5. Stanford university
  6. Columbia University

And than the list goes on.



Is it hard to get into Medical School

According to a research the best medical schools only accept 4% of applicants. Dr. Robert Hasty, founding dean and chief academic officer of the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, says one of the major reasons it is so difficult to get into medical school is that there has been growing interest in health care careers, which has led to a spike in the number of med school applications.




Best way to get Into Medical School

Getting into a medical school is competitive. The top ten tips from the doctors and students are:

  1. Get some medical experience on your resume
  2. Do some research projects
  3. Volunteer work matters a lot
  4. Excel in your major
  5. Apply to multiple schools. Its better if you are already in the University that has a medical school
  6. Study hard for medical test and MCAT
  7. Learn one or two other languages
  8. Pay attention to extra-curricular activities
  9. Be gentle and do not exaggerate in the admission interviews
  10. always be clear about why you want to become a doctor.

I found some good resource about medical school interview that I wanted to share with you.

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BeMo’s Ultimate Guide to Medical School Interview

Finally, best of luck!

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