How To Live Consciously As An Ambitious Immigrant In The USA

Why immigrant life matters and ‘How to Live Consciously as an Ambitious Immigrant in the US’ is very important question. According to one research in 2019, there are 90 million immigrant living in the US. Life is not just important due to the large number but its essence lies in quality. Abraham Lincoln said, “and at the end it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.”

What Is Immigration and Who Are Immigrants

According to Wikipedia, immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not posses citizenship in order to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. A person who moves or leaves his own country to live to another country is called an immigrant.

Research shows that country of origin matters for speed and depth for immigrant assimilation and there is considerable assimilation overall for both first and second generation immigrants.

What is immigrant assimilation?

Immigrant Assimilation

According to Wikipedia, using data from the German Socio Economic Panel, it was concluded that there was a positive correlation between cultural assimilation and an immigrant’s life’s satisfaction/well-being.

Cultural assimilation and cultural shock are related terms. There is a huge literature and research data available for the topics. But from here, I would like to give it in your hands. It’s up to you, if you like to go with the concept and perspective of cultural assimilation after doing some study, research and thinking process. Do you agree that cultural assimilation happens to immigrants even if they like it or not, even if they know about it or not?

Cultural assimilation is a natural process that happens in an environment. The social environment or socio cultural context refers to the immediate social and physical setting in which people live.



That’s why It’s important to know and learn “How to Live Consciously as an Ambitious Immigrant in the US”?

Conscious living is an option. We all need to take that option but it is at least 100 times more important for immigrants to live consciously. Ambitions drive most of the immigrant to make positive changes to their lives, So they decide to become immigrants. Like every other drive ambitions should also be disciplined or under control. Living consciously can serve the purpose even though it’s hard to control the speed of ambitions.


How Does Conscious Living Start

Being conscious needs to be informed. Awareness needs effort. The effort we can put to learn different skills and habits. What is the drive to do the process? Or do we even need a drive? The answer for the fact lies inside of all of us. Are we willing? Yes, if we are willing to live consciously and we know the difference of living with or without it.

When are we in the best position of understanding the facts?

To understand something, we need to be prepared and learn about that thought or topic beforehand. Other option of learning comes after the process, whether it is a success or otherwise. Learning happens after we go through the process, for most of us. This is common learning.

The common learning can guide the person or an immigrant to take conscious steps further in life.

But on the other hand, if someone chooses the option of learning before all that starts, makes a huge difference and starts seeing the fruit of conscious living.

Informed decisions come from thinking. Thinking, learning and doing research about any matter before we decide, takes time, effort, patience and maturity. There are levels of thinking.

  • The first level is to observe and learn
  • Next level is Research, Read and Understand

After first two levels, our next step goes to action to make the thinking process deeper. What do you think we can do after first two levels?

You can guess or share your own experience or perspective.

But, are we going too deep into thinking?

Yes! So let’s do it quickly.

Go deep into thinking or understand how to think.

Are these two same things?

So, you see, what has just happened? We have started thinking.

What is this level that we just did?

May be applying our knowledge.


So, after observing and understanding, we apply our info to understand more, go deep into thinking.

Application of knowledge and info brings the analysis level of thinking. This is how we can come to the next levels of any thinking process according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Higher Order Thinking. So, all the levels are:

  • Observe and remember
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyze
  • Synthesis.
  • Evaluate
  • Create

Thinking Leads to Conscious Thinking

As we have discussed above, conscious thinking and thinking processes are linked. We need to go through the whole procedure so many times to let the conscious thinking happen organically. It is important that our thinking follows the sequence of the thought process and completes all levels in order to get to the level of Conscious thinking.

Once we start thinking consciously, we can start living consciously.

Sounds good? What do you think?

But why are we talking about thinking consciously and living consciously?

Is it just important for immigrants to live consciously?

We are going to discuss more about all these questions in the upcoming articles. I would love to listen to your thoughts.


I will conclude with the importance of thinking and conscious thinking. William James said,”Man can alter his life by altering his thinking”.

“How To Live Consciously As An Ambitious Immigrant In The USA” will discuss more about immigrants’ lives and the factors which are involved to shape their lives.

You can ask any questions related to the topic? You can share your stories here. I will create a separate page to publish all the immigrants’ stories shared here.

I am planning to cover some basic topics but we can go to touch the depths if you get involved.

So, share your awesome story! I am willing to listen and so are other immigrants.

And also tell me why do we need to live consciously as an ambitious immigrant?


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