Bedtime Story Reading

‘Bedtime Story Reading’ is about stories, reading stories and reading stories at bedtime to our children. We all loved bedtime stories. What is special in stories? Why ‘Bedtime Story Reading’ is so important?

Role and Importance Of Stories

What ever has happened becomes a story. Stories can also be created. There is a message in a story. Stories have titles, characters and interesting events. Sometimes there are details about the places we have never been. Children love stories because there is a whole new world in the stories. Stories also help them to learn the language.


Right Story at the Right Time

Stories are the best way to convey a message. A right story at the right time can teach precious lessons. We can tell stories but if it is not the right time they will have no impact. Stories help to learn lessons and new concepts too. Teachers can use them to enhance the learning process.


Different Kind Of Stories

There are so many different kind of stories. Adventure stories, action stories, horror stories, mystery stories, animal stories, picture stories, and etc. Which stories do you like? What does your children like to listen?


Stories Can Capture Attention

If stories are good they can capture our attention for a long time. Children have very short attention span. learning becomes fun for them if we use stories to teach a concept.


Keeping Interest Is the Key

Are all stories good for all children? Is every single story book interesting? Why some stories catch interest easily than other stories? It is true that children like to listen to their favorite stories again and again. They love repetition.


Story Telling Skills

Stories can be read at different times. It is important to make a right choice. But what about the story telling skills. Can we change simple stories into extra ordinary stories if we know the story telling skills. How to use our voice when we read a story is a big example. Starting with a message, sharing your own experiences, highlighting a struggle, keeping it simple, and use motivating words to solve a conflict in the story are some powerful skills to tell any story.


Language Learning and Stories


Why Bedtime Stories

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