About Shahlla

Inspired by Montessori Method, Shahlla Anjum is a lifelong learner and dedicated educationist with over 15 years of experience teaching as a Montessori Directress. She has a master’s in early childhood education and Special Education. Shahlla has got the pleasure to teach in excellent institutions all over the globe.

The Montessori method is her passion.

She is an AMI trained directress.

She has developed a unique philosophy of teaching; that learning is a process that starts with interest and joy. She prefers to give choices because she thinks when a reasonable choice is given during the learning process, children feel calm, satisfied, and confident and express their creativity while learning the tasks at hand. By mixing scientific curiosity, inquisitiveness, and love of learning in the activities, she engages children and ignites their passion for learning. After carefully observing children, she concluded that children develop literacy through play. The development of language literacy and art skills offers children to understand and learn life skills, and to live a happy life.
Now in her role as an author, ,she takes you on a mindful journey to understand, believe, and cherish the mindful and curious nature of a child.

Shahlla created Montessori activity books. In the future, she will be writing more books about the topics she is passionate about.

Thank you,