3 Ways To Apply Montessori Method

Montessori method of teaching and learning is one of the most effective methods today. How can we apply it to take full benefits? There are 3 ways to apply Montessori method in the classroom and at home. We can apply this method in any learning environment if we understand this method very well. Let’s talk about the 3 ways to apply Montessori method at home.

Montessori Method and Growth

Like all living things, intellect also grows. Montessori method helps us to understand the growth process happening in the lives of our young ones. Children are growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Growth needs nurturing. At this level we need a willing heart/hearts who can understand and guide through the process. Montessori method is working because it helps  the educators and the parents to be able to guide young minds. So the first important way that we can apply is a beautiful, kind, and loving heart who believes in Montessori method and knows how to apply it like a scientist.

Montessori Environment

A museum, a farm, a shop, a library, a park, it can be any environment. We can transform any environment into a learning environment by highlighting or adding few resources. For example, at home there is a corner where kids can play with their toys. We can bring some materials and child sized furniture in that corner. We can label the chair and the table. Laundry is a complete activity and there are steps in order to complete the whole activity. Think about all the steps in sequence. From gathering clothes to checking them and putting them in the machine and taking them out when washing and drying is completed. It’ s up to you when do you plan to involve your child. If they are interested then good, if not then talk about the activity and make it interesting. Sorting, folding or putting clothes on the hangers, are some activities they can help easily. They can use their table as a center place to fold the clothes or to hang some shirts  on the hanger.

Same goes with other areas of the environment.


What do we need? When do we need? How do we want to do it? Where should we do it to make it more interesting and useful? Now we have a lot of ideas and a lot of activities but how, when, where and what else we can do these activities?

Do we need schedules? What is the best time to read stories? What kind of conversation we can do when we are at the lunch table?

Today is Sunday. What a lovely day! Let’s do some gardening. What do we need for that?

Or, How can we plan our day with our children?

Yes, we can do planning of the activities too. We like to see our children do everything by themselves. So let’s enable them to do it. We are just guides and we want to do it with love, care and mindfulness.

Guide them and use these 3 ways to apply Montessori method.


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