Montessori Language Materials are the most important materials in any Montessori environment. Montessori philosophy is effective due to its whole child development approach. All learning areas in a Montessori classroom serve the purpose of developing the child emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and intellectually. What does the MONTESSORI LANGUAGE MATERIALS do? Before we answer this question, we need to know what MONTESSORI LANGUAGE MATERIALS are?


MONTESSORI LANGUAGE MATERIALS help to develop all four language skills…yes….listening, speaking, reading and writing. In my other post about Montessori I discussed about how Montessori method is a science of happiness and emphasizes upon using the scientific material. Like any scientific approach Montessori method is organized, measured and exact. All exercises are well-developed and thoughtfully selected. There is a logical sequence in all the lessons, a Montessori teacher prepares for the children in her classroom.

Listening skill is the most important skill in any language learning. A child starts listening when he is in her mom’s womb……Yes, long before he is born. You can find activities to develop listening skills in a Montessori classroom. There are some other exercises to develop speaking,  reading and writing skills. Each exercise or activity is connected with other language activities but at the same time its focus remains on one specific language skill. For example, story listening not just develops listening but also reading.



Montessori Environment

Montessori Language Materials serve language learning but language learning is happening in the whole Montessori environment every moment. How Montessori environment serves as a big collection of Montessori Language materials? Well, each Montessori environment has materials and objects….so you can guess how…. Yes the names of the objects and materials in the Montessori environment are the big source of Language materials we need in a Montessori environment or a class. Even the activities and the language to describe those activities also serve the purpose.

Reading Area

There are always some books in the classroom. In the Montessori classroom reading area has a very important role. Teachers can use this area to develop language and social skills. The collection of books is a huge opportunity for any teacher to keep the class interested and engaged. Children love to spend time in the reading area. Organizing our library area in such a way that serves all interests and all ages ( 3 to 6 years) performs a huge responsibility without adding extra effort. In the Montessori classroom the mixed age group works so well. All 5 years old can read to 3 years old. Children help each other in the all learning areas of the classroom. Book reading on daily basis helps to develop listening and speaking skills obviously. It also serves as the basic Language resource to learn other language skills like to read and writing. Children not just learn how to read but also initial language skills which are necessary to build a strong language learning foundation. For example:


  • knowing that words have meanings
  • reading starts from left to right
  • each word has sounds and so on.


Language Area

As we have discussed, the whole Montessori room acts as Language Materials, but the Language area in any Montessori classroom is specific for the Montessori Language Materials and language exercises.

  1. Language Exercises:
  2. Sand paper letters
  3. Movable alphabets
  4. Sound game
  5. Metal Insets
  6. Animal Farm
  7. Phonetic and Phonograms
  8. Sight Words
  9. Vocabulary Cards
  10. Classified reading cards
  11. Word Study
  12. Sentence Building

There are also recommended options to change and rotate the materials just to keep appropriate challenge for some children who learn quickly and for others who get bored easily.

The News period, Story time and Logical thinking are some other language exercises which can be done in small groups. Yes, there are a lot of one on one exercises and some small group lessons in the Montessori classrooms. Some teachers can include Show and tell if they want.

In the Montessori classroom, children have a choice so they can do reading, writing, tracing, matching in the language area. They can also work with the material as they have been taught or shown. After every presentation by the teacher, children are able to do the work independently.

That is the beauty of the Montessori classroom. It develops independence skill. It can not happen in a day or two or even some weeks. It takes a lot of practice. When we talk about practice, we can go to the next topic.


Yes, Practice, Practice and a lot of practice. Honestly, children can forget easily if they are not doing practice of their lessons every day. It is easy to provide practice time especially when the teacher is busy teaching any student. Most of the lessons are one on one so the Montessori teachers have to spare a lot of time for them. It’s great if some children are working independently.

Practice can be direct and indirect. We can also call it preparation. Long before starting working independently in language area or any area, children get prepared directly and indirectly. For example, they need to develop concentration skill before they engage in any activity for a long time. Their hands need to be prepared for holding a pencil and writing something. Some other examples of indirect preparation are learning sounds, letters and vocabulary words before to read and writing.

Integration of Different Learning Areas

The Montessori teachers can do amazing things and if you are choosing Montessori method and applying it to your wonderful class then you can do it too….. Integration of all learning areas in a Montessori classroom can do wonders…. Montessori classroom is a world…..a world like our own world. The skills and knowledge we learn in one area of our life in a real life actually helps in other areas of our life. Right?? In a Montessori world children spend their initial and basic learning years. The Montessori Primary and Montessori Assistance to Infancy/Toddlers years are the foundation years. The time and effort we can put to build a strong, healthy and happy foundation depends on our awareness. The knowing makes us powerful. Reading about developmental stages and learning skills to fulfilling needs and requirements of our children at the right time is the key to a successful and happy future.

The integration of all learning areas and taking care of all developmental needs are two most important hidden tools to empower a Montessori trained person. It can be a teacher or a parent. Language exercises can be interesting and engaging and can create independence and love of learning if children are already prepared through indirect preparation and other exercises of different learning areas.

Consistent and Organized

Last but not the least…. Yes, doing things at the right time consistently and maintaining discipline enrich the Language

learning to process. Practice and consistent work can not be compared to even highest quality of Language Material. Organization also means following the sequence in Language exercises. A child can only learn to read and writing when he knows sounds of the letters and he can read sentences when he is able to read words….and not just words but a lot of words….Yes!

In a Montessori classroom, there is enormous amount of Language material and the teacher keeps adding and rotating material to offer challenge and keep interest. Children feel excited to work or practice every day with the same and new materials. When a child graduates from the primary Montessori he is expected to know how to speak, read and write. He reads small story books, sign boards, calendars and names of different things. He writes one to 5 five or some times more extended sentences. Amazing! Right! All because of Montessori method and Montessori Language Material.

Montessori The Science of Wellness

What is Montessori and why it’s Important? We call it an art and we see it as a science. Why is ‘Montessori the Science of Wellness’ ? Montessori is a way of education and learning through experiences. According to Maria Montessori, a wider, loftier life is (human kinds’) than ever before and children have to be prepared for it, so the fundamental principle in education is correlation of all subjects and their centralization, in the cosmic plan. According to Cambridge dictionary, Science means, knowledge from the careful study of the structure and behavior of the physical world, especially by watching, measuring, and doing experiments and the development of theories to describe the results of these activities.


Is Montessori the Science of Wellness and Happiness

In 1906, Maria Montessori first time founded the first Casa Dei Bambini or Children’s House for children of the industrial revolution working class.

The purpose of creating this environment was to take care of those children in the best way and instructing them how to help out in everyday chores. The material she developed and used to guide these children was and is very successful. She found out that children naturally adapted and enjoyed this learning method everyday. The structure of work and constructive activity gave the children sense of self-worth that they have never experienced before.

Maria Montessori identified critical periods of early childhood development through her observation of the children at work. Montessori developed the methodology, described as ‘Cosmic Education’ when children will be given the environment and guidance to become the peace makers of the future and living in harmony with other living beings in a peaceful world.

Montessori style teaching and learning brings wellness and happiness in the child and through that child in the whole humanity. When every child gets ‘Cosmic Education’ the whole humanity gets to the science of wellness and happiness.


Montessori Training

To become a Montessori teacher one needs to complete intensive 1200 hours of instruction. Almost 90 hours of observation and supervised teaching practice is also part of the training. When I completed my training, I it was on site, but now it can also be done online. NAMC is one of the many Montessori Teacher Training online schools. There are almost 34 countries worldwide which are providing Montessori training in about 100 training centers.


The courses offered by AMI prepare adults to work and guide children at these levels:

  1. Assistance to infancy
  2. Primary /Casa dei Bambini/ Children’s House 0-6
  3. Elementary 6-12
  4. Adolescent 12 -18

Montessori is the Science of Success

The Montessori Method of Teaching aims for the fullest development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences. This method is designed scientifically. The material used in Montessori classrooms called learning environment are amazingly beautiful and have accuracy and proportion. All activities in every learning area have a logic behind them. What do you think success is? Is it happiness or satisfaction? is it realization or conscious choice making? is it health or wealth? Is it fulfillment of the objectives we have? It depends on your answer what success is. I think success is little bit of everything and even more. The Montessori Method aims at the whole development of a child. Montessori activities help develop mental, physical, cognitive, and spiritual skills in a child. Sensorial and math exercises develop mathematical mind. We can say that Montessori is the science of success because it prepares a child through scientific material and develops mental skills needed to achieve success.

In Primary Montessori children develop the ability to focus for extended periods of time and this skill serve them for the rest of their life. Children learn self-discipline, persistence, cooperation, leadership and communication skills. We hear about executive functions in children a lot these days. Executive functions are some qualities and skills that make people successful: Self control, flexibility, discipline, concentration, problem solving, reasoning, persistence and creativity. The Montessori environment has the ability to nurture these qualities.


The Montessori environment is especially prepared to develop the necessary skills not only to succeed in school but to be successful through all their life


Montessori Activities at Home

We all know that Covid-19 is keeping kids at home. The way schools, child care centers, and Montessori schools are responding to the situation is required by the local health departments. All the efforts are being made in slowing the spread of disease. All school based strategies, event cancellations, and other social distancing measures are being made locally with the collaboration of local health officials.


According to CDC if child care centers and Montessori schools are open they should:


  • Use general preparedness and planning
  • Parent drop off and pick up rules
  • Screen children upon arrival
  • Healthy hand hygiene behavior
  • Food preparation and meal service regulations
  • Clean and disinfect the environment
  • Apply rules for caring infants and toddlers
  • Follow social distancing strategy



Almost, all the schools including Montessori schools are closed these days. Do you think it is required to start Montessori activities at home? Yes, we do need to bring Montessori to home. It has already become clear that in order to bring similarities among school and home environments, it is really recommended to start practicing some Montessori activities at home. So, in the recent situation we need to apply Montessori method more than before to teach our children at home. But the question is how? Do we need to organize a Montessori Environment at home? A complete Montessori class? And start teaching our own kids? But if we are not trained then we can hire a Montessori trained directress.


There are some options to start Montessori activities at home completely. You know how… For example, taking some help from a Montessori trained teacher and creating a small Montessori classroom. Hiring a teacher just for our children or bringing two to three more children of our close friends. This way we can follow CDC rules and provide the best Montessori environment to our children. Gradually our children will learn how to follow new rules to stay healthy.


I know the idea might not be as simple as it sounds. But it will become easier if we are Montessori trained or we hire an efficient Montessori trained teacher. Nothing is impossible. Right?


                         Montessori Handwriting

Montessori Handwriting Guide Paperback – February 9, 2021


Montessori is the science of wellness and success. Our children are our future. We need to provide them with the best opportunities to grow into the best human beings and no method can do it better than Montessori method. I am providing some Montessori resources here and I promise to bring more in the future.


  • NAMC
  • AMI
  • Montessori Printshop
  • Some free classified cards at AMI
  • MISD

Please comment and ask questions.


Take care and stay safe.


Thank you.




Montessori At Home

The Montessori prepared environment honors and respects the child. The beauty of the Montessori environment is that children spontaneously love learning here. How can we bring Montessori At Home? What is Montessori method? How can we create Montessori At Home? I have heard this question a lot. As a Montessori directress, I met so many parents who wanted to apply the Montessori method at home. Let’s see how can we do that.

Montessori At Home

What do we want to call our home, when we bring Montessori here? A Montessori home? We have been saying Montessori School before so we can say Montessori Home now. Right?


A Montessori home is where we follow all the rules and apply all the methods according to the Montessori Method. There is a need to turn our home into a Montessori Home if we want to achieve objectives of the Montessori method.

Montessori Home School

In order to transform our home in to a Montessori Home School we need to apply the Montessori method and prepare at least one complete Montessori Environment at home. Home is the environment for our children where they touch and explore common objects in daily life. We adult need to step back and look at the home through the eyes of a child. Maria Montessori’s famous quote is, “Teach me to do it myself”. Children are willing to fulfill their inner desire desperately to know and be the part of their environment.

There can not be a better place for a child to grow and learn than home. Before we turn a room into a Montessori Classroom it’s better to transform the whole environment into a child friendly and supportive environment. How can we do that?

  • Using child-sized furniture or making adjustments
  • Keeping an orderly environment
  • Providing reachable and simple procedures
  • Developing good habits for example, cleaning and organizing with the children
  • Involving children in regular home activities

Montessori Home School Curriculum

  • Order,
  • Independence,
  • Self-discipline,
  • And self- motivation are the fundamental keys of the Montessori method. Children learn them by the environment. That’s why we call it the Prepared Environment. According to, Dr. Maria Montessori, we must provide him with an environment which enables him to develop freely. That’s why the Montessori teacher is called a guide. Her role is not like a traditional teacher. She uses the environment and the activities to guide children.

Learning areas:


  • Exercises of practical life
  • Sensorial exercises
  • Language
  • Math
  • Cultural Subjects (Art, Geography, Science, Zoology, Botany, Religion, Music)

It is also very important to simplify the environment. For example, their must be limited choices for the children. Encourage them to return materials/items. Keep extra activities in a storage. Bring new activities from the store to the shelves when children seem to grow tired or bored with the old activities on the shelves. Keeping the environment tidy, clean, orderly, and highly valued, develops sense of responsibility, motivation, and self-discipline in the children.


Modeling to successfully manage different tasks and providing guided practice from the young age results in smart, intelligent, self-organized, and independent individuals.

Careful observation of the children while they are working helps to select and organize the environment to make it interesting for the children.


Montessori children learn to take care of themselves and their environment. Children at young age are most willing to help and stay engaged in activities when they feel there is intrinsic value to their tasks. They don’t want any material gifts, rewards, stars, or praise. The Montessori method teaches to value the process instead of product.


Montessori Material

Montessori material can be made and bought. It is very easy to buy the material from Alison and Nienhuis. It can also be bought from Amazon.

Montessori Activities at Home

The prepared environment/Montessori environment is composed of different activities. For example, a primary class/ Casa dei Bambini ( 3 – 6 yrs), has pouring, washing, cleaning, dusting, cutting, polishing, flower arrangement, and folding exercises, in the Practical Life area. All these activities/exercises can be prepared easily.


The Sensorial and Math exercises are easily available at the authentic websites like Nienhuis, Montessori Services, and Alison. Language exercises can be prepared or bought. There are Printable Montessori Material websites. We can buy or print material for free their. All the cultural subjects ( Art, Science, Geography) can be bought or prepared.


Besides all these specific Montessori activities we can create our own activities at home. We can easily include what ever we do at home. For example, juicing, sweeping, cooking, table setting, and bed making.



At the end of this conversation I would like to appreciate your interest and passion for the Montessori Method. If you want to know more about Montessori, you can read my blog, Montessori the Science of Wellness.


It’s a smart decision at this time to start a small Montessori at home. It can be just you or you and your close friends to make a great team. Keeping the number of children low in the environment is required, so 3 to 5 number is good in a normal sized room.


I will be back with more suggestions. Keep looking for my new blogs. Please comment and ask questions if you have any. I would also love to know your suggestions.


Thank you.

4 Best Foot Olympic Bars For Weight Lifting

The barbell is the simple looking equipment in the gym but it is one of the most complex tools to learn how to use and take the full benefit.

If you would like to know how strong you are , a great way to find out is to do a test with Olympic bars.

This extensive foot Olympic bars selection for weight lifting from Amazon includes, 4 best foot Olympic bars for weight lifting on Amazon.


This is Amazon’s Choice:

CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar for Weightlifting and Power Lifting | Various Specialty Bars


  • Specs – 110, 000 Psi tensile strength Japanese cold rolled steel; 15 Inch loadable sleeve length; The shaft length (inside length between the sleeves) is 51; 5 inches; Handgrip diameter 28; 5 millimeter; 5 year
  • Construction: Built from solid cold rolled steel with a black phosphate finish; Used for training, this bar measures 2185 millimeter in length and weighs 20 kilogram (44 pounds); For commercial or home use
  • Features – The sleeves are designed with snap clips and the bar features medium depth diamond knurling for a secure grip when lifting heavy; Built to accommodate any 2 inch Olympic plates; No center knurl
  • Durable: Original bar is made of steel, black oxide finish and polished steel sleeves; Color bars are ace coated in red, blue, purple or pink & have UV stable acrylic clear coat with metallic flake; Green and orange bar have same quality with matte finish
  • Trust: Trust experience; CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has locations worldwide; Chances are, if you have ever worked out before you have used a CAP product



Sporzon! Olympic Barbell Standard Weightlifting Barbell


  • 1-inch or 2-inch diameter bars at the length and color of your choice: 5-Foot, 6-Foot, 7-Foot
  • Bars are chrome plated with solid steel construction for repeated use and long lasting
  • Multiple knurling positions and lengths for your convenience and safety. All bars are rated 700-Pound capacity
  • 0.97″ or 1.97″ bar end diameter to ensure bars fit all standard plates with holes 1″ or 2″; Can be used with dumbbell plates too
  • Bars only. Plates and collars are not included


This is for power lifting:

Synergee Regional Olympic 20kg Men’s and 15kg Women’s Hard Chrome & Black Phosphate Barbells. Rated 1500lbs for Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit



  •  IMPRESSIVE DESIGN ★ – This bar made from high-grade steel, giving it a tensile strength rating of 190 000 psi and 1500 lb capacity (a 500 lb increase from the Synergee Open Barbell). You can depend on it for all your workouts no matter the weight.
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  •  VERSATILE ★ – These bars are best-sellers because they are affordable, functional, and perfect for athletes from every fitness domain. They can withstand the demands of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. That’s why we include 2 knurl marks per bar – for power and Olympic lifts.
  •  WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – This Bar is coated with Hard Chrome. 15 KG (35 LBS), 25 MM (standard Women’s bar) and fitted with a yellow Synergee silicon ring.
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This is for a standard weight lifting:

BalanceFrom Olympic Barbell Standard Weightlifting Barbell


  • 2-inch diameter bars at the length and color of your choice: 5-Foot, 6-Foot, 7-Foot
  • Bars are chrome plated with solid steel construction for repeated use and long lasting
  • Multiple knurling positions and lengths for your convenience and safety. All bars are rated 700-Pound capacity
  • 1.97″ bar end diameter to ensure bars fit all standard plates with holes 2″; Can be used with dumbbell plates too
  • Bars only. Plates and collars are not included

Let me know which one do you like and why!


Thank you.


Best Regards,


Outdoor Portable Folding Propane Double Burner Camping Stove

I moved to Texas last year from NYC. We missed snow and cold weather in 2020. But this winter in Texas reminded me NYC cold weather. Some nights were even colder than NY. I needed and bought “Outdoor Portable Folding Propane Double Burner Camping Stove”. Here are some best stoves from Amazon.


Our First stove is: Gas ONE Propane or Butane Stove GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Camping and Backpacking Gas Stove Burner with Carrying Case Great for Emergency Preparedness Kit (Gold)


  • DUEL FUEL – Compatible with both butane (Fuel not included) and propane fuel (Fuel not included), Operates on a single butane cartridge 8 oz or a propane cylinder 16.4 oz , Propane converter Regulator Included, **With Propane connect the adapter hose to the stove first before connecting to the 16 oz Propane tank***
  • PIEZO ELECTRIC IGNITION – Piezo-electric ignition that eliminates the use for lighter/matches in order to ignite flame, No need for lighters or matches with this stove
  • EASY TO USE – Our GS-3400P is easy to use with adjustable heat dial and piezo-electric ignition ***Great for Camping, Backpacking and Emergency Preparedness***
  • SAFETY FEATURES – Built in Pressure Sensor Cartridge Ejection System and Gas Flow Cut Off Mechanism (butane), Will eject cartridge when irregular pressure is detected
  • NOTES – Flame supervision that does not allow for the flow of fuel until flame is ignited (propane) *If you can not find butane canister near you, with our GS-3400P you can always use propane cylinder instead or vice versa. *OUTDOOR USE ONLY*


The second Stove is : Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner, 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches

  • Cooking power: Up to 20,000 total BTUs
  • 2 adjustable burners: For precise temperature control
  • Wind-blocking panels: Shield burners from wind
  • Pressure regulator: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • Runtime: Up to 1 hour on high on one 16.4 oz. Propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • 3-year limited warranty



Third stove is: Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System

  • Optimized for efficiency, the Jetboil Flash boils water in a lightning-quick 100 seconds, making it the fastest Jetboil ever.
  • Jetboil’s 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy makes boiling water—and keeping it warm—a breeze.
  • Start heating instantly with the convenient, reliable pushbutton igniter, and verify that the water’s ready with the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator.
  • Compatible Jetboil accessories, such as a coffee press, hanging kit, pot support, skillet, FluxRing cooking pot, and utensils make this a necessity for your next backpacking adventure.
  • Includes fuel canister stabilizer; bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl; easy to pack and carry at only 13.1 ounces. One-year limited warranty.
  • For any adventure—from alpine expedition to a weekend trek—Jetboil offers a stove that will keep you fueled. When exploring the backcountry, a compact and efficient stove is fundamental, no matter the level of cuisine you want to create.





The fourth stove is: Odoland 6 pcs Camping Stove Set with Camping Cookware, Portable Butane Gas Stove, Nonstick Frying Pan, Silicone Cooking Utensils and Carry Case for Backpacking, Outdoor Camping Hiking and Picnic


  • Best Money Ever Spent: The 6pcs camping cooking set includes 1 x portable camping gas stove, 1 x carry case ( for stove), 1 x non-stick frying pan, 1 x slotted turner, 1 x soup ladle, 1 x tongs.
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  • Safety & Durable: Built in over pressure protection device and cartridge ejection system, this camping stove is safety for cooking. The non-stick frying pan is made of durable and long-lasting material for easy cleaning and durability. All the 3 cooking utensils have premium quality.
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  • Indoor & Outdoor Usage: The camping cooking set can be used for multiple applications, perfect for camping, outdoor cooking , mountaineering, BBQs, home emergency kit and more.




And here is the 5th stove: Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove


  • 2 Cast Aluminum Burners
  • 60,000 total BTU/hr
  • 32″ Cooking Height
  • Detachable Legs
  • 3-Sided Windscreen

The sixth kind of stove is: Coghlan’s Folding Stove, 5″ H x 6.5″ W x 6.5″ L , Black



  • Fold-flat camping stove with coated steel construction strong enough to hold a heavy pot
  • Heat provided by any type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol (including Coghlan’s Camp Heat cans)
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  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, emergency preparedness, and more


The seventh stove I found is: Coleman Gas Stove | Portable Bottle top Propane Camp Stove with Adjustable Burner


  • COOKING POWER: Up to 10,000 total BTUs
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure control for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PERFECTHEAT DESIGN: More efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 1 ADJUSTABLE BURNER: For precise temperature control; fits an 8 inch pan
  • WIND BAFFLES: Shield burner from wind for maximum heat
  • SPACE SAVER: Burner and base separate from propane bottle for compact storage
  • RUNTIME: Up to 2.5 hours on high on one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • 3-year limited warranty


The eighth store is portable: AOTU Portable Camping Stoves Backpacking Stove with Piezo Ignition ,Stable Support Wind-Resistance Camp Stove for Outdoor Camping Hiking Cooking

  • 1. the burner base is an integrated high-bright aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength; honeycomb high-temperature aluminum alloy windproof net, polyethylene flame increases oxygen circulation, improve combustion utilization. The furnace body is made of refined aluminum alloy, which is resistant to high temperature, rust and radiation. Repeated outdoor use is not a concern for air and rain, and is durable. Four-dimensional support
  • 2.Flame control: Adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output all the way down to a simmer quickly and efficiently,Rated rate: 3000w.
  • 3. Fire board specifications: 9.5 * 9.5CM (suitable for setting a 20CM diameter basin, suitable for 1~3 people),Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417). does NOT fit into propane canisters.
  • 4. Packing specification: 4x5x8Cm, light and small, easy to carry, with plastic box, easy to store, available anywhere. Go camping with friends, go hiking, fishing, and after swimming, use the hot food on the stove to make the food more delicious. It is healthy and safe after heating, which can better relieve the feeling of fatigue.
  • 5. 100% satisfaction guarantee: The camping stove has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to solving any product/service issues and are committed to providing all buyers with a five-star experience. Please rest assured to buy! Click the “Add to cart now button”. Consider getting two-one for you and one for your best friend.


The ninth stove on my list is: TOMSHOO Camping Stove Camp Wood Stove Portable Foldable Stainless Steel Burning Backpacking Stove for Outdoor Hiking Picnic BBQ




  • STURDY & STABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong stainless steel, this camping stove is built to last long even under heavy weight or high heat. The windproof serrated cross stand offers a stable platform for your cookware and increases heat contact
  • EFFICIENT BURNING, LESS SMOKE: Wide opening makes it easy to add wood; Double-wall structure wood stove creates a clean gasification and secondary combustion; near the bottom air vents help the fuel burn more completely with less smoke
  • UNLIMITED FREE FUELS: Use the twigs, leaves, branches, wood as fuel to cook a meal, no more money spent on gas canisters, no chemical emissions and carbon footprint. The stove includes a tray to hold solid alcohol fuel.
  • FOLDABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily collapsible into a compact size (5.4″ x 2.8″) and packed in the mesh carrying sack for convenient storage. At only 1 pound, this portable wood stove is lightweight and minimizes the burden
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: This camping stove comes with a grill which allows you to start barbecue. It is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, BBQ, outdoor survival and adventures.




Now we are about to see the tenth: Camping Stove Ohuhu Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove Potable Wood Burning Stoves for Picnic BBQ Camp Hiking with Grill Grid

  • turdy Stainless Steel: Crafted with high quality stainless steel, this portable camping stove will steadily burn bright, whatever heavy weight or high heat comes its way
  • Stable And Safe: Geared with a 3-arm base support system, even the grassiest fields will be your personal cooking countertop, stable even in windy conditions
  • Fuelled By Nature: Mother Nature presents the best fuel catalogue, with the abundance of dried twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as nature’s perfect kindling
  • Compact & Lightweight: Easily collapsible and lightweight, this camping stove comes with its own mesh carry bag so you can sling it along and serve up a warm piping meal wherever you’ve set up camp
  • Environmentally Friendly: With no fuel canisters or alcohol needed, we’ll be leaving no chemical emissions behind. Treating the earth with extra good care, without any of the hassle


The eleventh and last stove is: Campy Gear 2 in 1 Portable Propane Heater & Stove, Outdoor Camping Gas Stove Camp Garage Tent Heater for Ice Fishing Hiking Hunting Survival Emergency & Patio (Orange, CG-3000B)

  • DUAL FUNCTION CAMPING GEAR: Take the load off on your next outdoor adventure and use our portable Campy Gear 2-in-1 Heater & Stove! Cook meals during the day and stay warm at night with just the click of a button.
  • FAST HEATING: With a max output up to 9,000 BTU and a unique 360° radiant heating design, our compact heater will keep you and your family warm during cold winter days/nights. Stay warm and enjoy the outdoors!
  • PRECISE COOKING: The stove is equipped with adjustable flame control to satisfy various cooking purposes and a sturdy stand that supports up to 12 inches pans and pots. Now you can cook a delicious meal anywhere you go!
  • CLEAN-BURNING: The Campy Gear 2-in-1 Heater & Stove is compatible with 110g & 230g butane/isobutane/propane fuel canisters that can be nested inside the stove, or a 1 lb propane cylinder for a longer usage (HOSE NEEDED, to purchase please search B08KSYT2SW).
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Campy Gear offers you a 2-in-1 heater/stove that keeps you fueled and warm during backpacking, camping, ice fishing and hunting. We pride ourselves in quality products and proudly offer a 1-year warranty along with 24-hour world class customer service to ensure all your needs are met.

Which stove do you like and what is the reason? If you have any questions and comments please leave them in the comment section below.

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